FOCUS International is a world-based organization that broadly supports the physical, social, and spiritual health and wellbeing of our world’s children.
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  1. Admin says:

    FOCUS is glad to be able to help as a participant in a local community worthy cause in Allentown during the month of February. Join in with us if you would like to help too! Information on this need is shown below:

    January 22, 2013, Youell’s Oyster House was destroyed in a fire. Youell’s has served the community since 1992 at 23rd and Walnut streets. The building stood since the 1800’s and many have fond memories.

    The building is destroyed but not the “heart” of the establishment. The staff of Youell’s is very close and look forward to the day they will all be able to be able to work together again as the “Youell’s Family”. This is a difficult time for the employees and their familes. Due to the fire, they are without jobs.

    Please join us for a fundraising event, February 17th, 2013 at Menchie’s Shops at Cedar Point – 353 South Cedar Crest Blvd, Allentown, PA – 20% of sales will be donated to the Youell’s Employee Relief Project. From 2pm-330pm, Raffles will take place in the party room.
    Donations are being accepted.

    Checks to be made to Focus International, Memo – Youell’s Employee Relief Project. (Include your address to send the receipt back)

    Please send to :

    Focus International, Y.E.R.P.
    C/O Natalie Lane
    910 North 19th Street
    Allentown, PA 18104

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