The following is a list of questions which have been submitted to FOCUS International. If you have a question for FOCUS and haven't found the answer below, then please contact us with your question.

Why create a new children's organization?

There was no international organization with a primary self-help health focus for children which was knowledgeable in cross-culture issues (including indigenous cultures, a primary objective of FOCUS) and which would also assist in-country groups holistically with accomplishing their own projects on behalf of children.

What type of non profit status does FOCUS have?

Focus has been determined to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with section 509(a)(1) status for tax purposes.

Are donations to FOCUS tax deductible in the US?

By IRS letter available to grantors and contributors upon request, donations to Focus International are fully deductible in the United States within current guidelines for a non-profit organization.

What percentage of core program expenses is spent for administration?

Over the life of Focus and through various successful children's projects since formation in 1992, less than 5% of funds have been spent on administration costs. (Over 95% of funds have resulted in direct services to children and families in need in numerous countries, including Belarus, the Siberian provinces, Peru, Nepal, and the United States. This has been possible only through the dedication of many capable and committed international volunteers.)

How does FOCUS decide which groups to support or sponsor?

Focus sponsors at least one holistic complementary health project per year on behalf of children. Each project is approved mutually by the Focus non-profit board and the project staff of the country involved. Wherever funding and volunteer initiative exists in sufficient abundance, more than one self-help children's project may be selected for support/sponsorship per year.