History of FOCUS International

In 1992, Clif and Galina Sanderson came to the United States seeking support for their healing project for children in Belarus harmed by the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. Hundreds of children were either dying or becoming ill and sickened from continuing radiation exposure. The Sanderson's responded to the many needs of those affected by this tragedy but found it necessary to appeal for support to continue their work. Individuals from across the United States decided to form FOCUS International with the Sandersons to support the effort to offer healing to children in need everywhere, with a special emphasis on the needs of the Chernobyl children. A Lehigh Valley group of supporters took a special interest and agreed to be the pivotal international center for the group. Mr. Richard Lane helped form the organization and continues as acting Treasurer for FOCUS International and Executive Director of the Lehigh Valley chapter.

Many wonderful community based projects and accomplishments have taken place through Clif and Galina's work and the cooperative efforts of FOCUS. Because of Russia's huge political change in infrastructure, some of the original plans for FOCUS were not able to be actualized, such as a Healing Center for the Chernobyl Families in Lake Baikal, Siberia. However, FOCUS has continued it's original mission by expanding and developing new programs which benefit children and youth worldwide. FOCUS will celebrate its 20th year of international non-profit/NGO service in 2012.

Clif and Galina Sanderson currently live in New Zealand and continue their international healing projects and writing. Clif's offerings include two non-fiction books - Dancers in the Fields and Making Outrageous Claims. The Sanderson's also have various videos, sound healing CD's and tapes available which help support FOCUS International.